Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pumpkin Math - Day 1

Ok, so now that I have all these pumpkins, let's do some math!

Today I split my kids into 6 groups of 4. Each group was given a pumpkin, and a booklet to work through. Within the booklet they needed to collect data related to their pumpkin. In order to collect the data they needed to travel around to a few different stations throughout the room.


The measurement station

 At this station students measured the height, width, and circumference of their pumpkin. They also measured the length of the stem.

The volume station

At this station students determined the volume of their pumpkin using the water displacement method.

The weigh station

At this station students measured the mass of their pumpkin by weighing it on a scale.

The "rollability" station

At this station students had a little fun by testing the rolling ability of their pumpkin. They tested it on a low inclined plan and a high inclined plan.

Students were also required to describe the appearance of their pumpkins, determine whether a pumpkin will float or sink, as well as survey their group regarding preferences for eating pumpkin pie.

Once the students were finished collecting all the data about their pumpkin, one group member was asked to come up to the front of the room to add their data to the charts provided. This way we have the class data compiled all in one place. This information will be used tomorrow, to help the students represent the data collected about "The Average Pumpkin".

Stay tuned...


If you are interested in trying this activity in your own classroom, you can find everything you need here.

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