Monday, 16 December 2013

Gift #5...and a little holiday baking

4 more days!!!

This is the last week until Christmas break and I am sure most teachers are entering survival mode right now. It can be a challenge getting through these last few days. The kids are ready for the break, and you are most definitely ready for a break, so how do you keep them engaged?

I find the best way is to keep them busy with some fun, hands-on activities. We have been busily making our cocoa in a bags for the brick by brick fundraiser... it was looking like Santa's workshop in my room this morning. Tomorrow is our big sale, so I will update you on how much money we were able to raise.

We have also just finished up a unit on multiplying and dividing fractions, so what better way to increase their knowledge of the concept than to do some holiday baking!

I provided my students with a basic gingerbread and sugar cookie recipe, then gave each student a "real-life" scenario for them to solve.

In each scenario the student is required to either increase or decrease the batch depending on the amount of cookies they are required to make. How do they do that? Multiplying fractions of course!

Here's an example of a scenario...

Each student was responsible for completing two scenarios (one where the ingredients were increased and one where they were decreased). I selected which scenario each student received based on their abilities. Providing six different scenarios allows for a bit of differentiation.

Each student was then responsible for showing all their work in their math scrapbook. Once they had determined the new amounts, they were asked to re-write the recipe, using the new amounts, on a recipe card, and glue it into their scrapbook.

Now that they have shown me that they can do the math, I promised them we would actually bake the cookies. Wish me luck tomorrow. We are  making the dough and baking the cookies, then decorating on Friday morning!

If you are interested in doing this activity with your students to survive this last week, you can download your free copy here.

Now for your final gift of the season. This one will only be available for a short time so make sure you get it right away.
Click on the gift below to open your present!

Enjoy these last few days!


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