Sunday, 29 December 2013

Special "Half-Over" Sale

Seems like a good time of year for a sale. As you prepare to go back, just think, some of you are already half-way done another great school year! That's what makes me so happy to be participating in a special "Half-Over" Sale to celebrate the half-way point in the school year.

Here's how the sale works:
Save 20% off everything in my store on Monday, December 30
Save 15% off everything in my store on Tuesday, December 31
Save 10% off everything in my store on Wednesday January 1

Looking for something in particular? Make sure to check out these other great TpT authors who are participating in the sale as well. Just keep in mind, some percentages may vary by store.

Happy shopping and Happy New Year! I wish you, and your families, all the best in 2014!


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