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Bright Idea - Showing off Student Notebooks

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Have you held your conferences yet this year? Have you started planning what they might look like?

Do you hold student-led conferences? If not, but you want to learn more, check out my earlier Bright Ideas post here.

For me, student-led conferences are all about the students celebrating their learning with their parents, by showing/demonstrating things that they have learned.

My Math Scrapbooks are a huge part of my math program and the students take a lot of pride in them. Seeing that they rarely go home, I want the students to have an opportunity to show them off to their parents.

The idea - Have students tab 2 (or more) activities to demonstrate to their parent(s) from their notebooks during conferences.

A few days before conferences I spend quite a bit of time prepping my students on what will be expected of them when they come in with their parents.

During conferences, my students travel around through different stations with their parents to demonstrate different skills they have learned over the course of the term.

One station is dedicated to their Math Scrapbooks. Before conferences, students are asked to tab 2 activities with post-its. They are allowed to choose any activities they wish, however they need to feel confidant enough to be able to fully explain the activities to their parents.

I find tabbing the activities before hand cuts down on wasted time searching for the right page. It also helps the students feel more prepared, when they know ahead of time what they will be showing their parents.

If you have some time before hand, have students partner up and pretend to be each other's parents in a mock conference. This will give them that extra boost in confidence when presenting to their parents, and also help reinforce those math skills one more time. It's a win-win!

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