Monday, 15 December 2014

iHeart Math Holiday Hop

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I am so excited to be joining in with this amazing group of math bloggers to bring you a few stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays. I hope you have been enjoying the "iHeart Math Holiday Hop" so far. If this is your first time reading about it, make sure to go back up to the top of this post and check out the previous 15 days for some amazing ideas and freebies from your favourite Math teacher-authors!

Stocking Stuffer #1 - Giving Back

I am always finding different ways to give back, especially around the holidays. I make it a big deal in my classroom, and really emphasize the importance of empathy to my students. In today's world it is so easy to lose track of how fortunate we really are, especially for teenagers!

The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.  – Kalu Kalu

As some of you know, I am not in the classroom this year as I am enjoying my maternity leave with my sons. So, I wasn't in a position to organise anything at school. That doesn't mean I wasn't going to find a way to give back..while instilling a sense of empathy in my 3 year old son as well. He helped me organize two boxes of gifts for "Operation Christmas Child", he donated his boots and snow pants that no longer fit to "Koats 4 Kids", and we also collected hamper items for the "Christmas Cheer Board". 

Stocking Stuffer #2 - Holiday Math Tip

The holidays are all the students are talking about this week, so use that to your advantage. Bring in some flyers and have students make a wish list of items they would love to receive. Once they have compiled their wish list have them calculate just how much their parents will have to spend, including tax, to make their dreams come true!
To add a little more excitement, and math, the next day tell them that all the items have been marked down for a final pre-Christmas sale! They need to re-calculate the cost with the new discount. I randomly have students pick a task tag, then assign a value to the color card they picked. I always get a kick out of how excited the kids get who end up with the biggest discount.

When the students come back from their holidays, have them write about their experiences in their math journal, the only catch is that they have to include as many numbers in their journal entry as possible! Call it "My Holiday in Numbers"!

...and finally, a little something from me to you. Click on the present below to "open" it! Enjoy!

Hopefully my gift will help keep your students engaged in math class these last few days.

Blair at One Lesson at a Time is the next stop on the hop! Make sure to check out what goodies she has for you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!

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