Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Math is Real Life - January 2015 edition

 I am happy to once again join up with the fabulous linky hosted by Miss Math Dork, 4mulafun, The Teacher Studio, and Teaching to Inspire in 5th! 

I recently had a follower contact me regarding my "Think you don't need Math?" poster, and ask me to make a few additions. I am aware that the number of jobs that require math are infinite, and I have tried to include as many as I can, but I couldn't believe that I had left one very important one out!

Stay at home parent!

Now, there may be some argument as to whether this is classified as a "job". Which I will quickly argue, that it is the most difficult job one will ever do! However, sadly this job does not pay in any way (unless you count hugs and kisses).

So how does one use math when he/she is a stay at home parent? In a lot of ways!

Here's just a few ways:

* Time management - if you need to get anywhere at a certain time, you better plan ahead and take into account you need to get more than just yourself out the door, dressed and looking somewhat presentable. Keep an eye on the clock and ALWAYS aim to leave a bit earlier.

* Scheduling- Being a teacher, maybe the idea of scheduling is ingrained in me, but I find that a child and parent who maintain a consistent schedule will have a happier day. This may not be necessary for everyone, but in my case if you want to maintain your sanity you need to set up some sort of routine. There is always occasions that you need to be flexible but I have found that my son has adapted really well to nursery school because he loves the structured routine.

* Budgeting - This is a biggie. If you are a stay at home parent, you are likely not bringing in a steady income. You need to be aware of each penny you spend and where it goes. With a new year upon us, and me still being on mat leave, budgeting has become a very important topic in our house. 

I came across this printable budget binder from Thirty Handmade Days, and I will definitely be giving it a try, as I need to be more accountable for where our money goes, how much goes where, and how much is being saved. 

I think budgeting is such a vital skill and something that we should be teaching our students whenever possible. I know there are so many kids out there that graduate and are in for a rude awakening once they have to start paying for things like rent, bills, gas, and even tuition! Let's face it, once you end up in debt it can be a real struggle to get back out of it.

If you want to get your students to see what's ahead for them in the real world, check out my "Surviving on a Salary" project. It can also be found in my "In my Dreams" Bundle.


  1. Love the idea of talking about budgeting with students!

    The Math Maniac

  2. Really enjoyed reading your post! So true what you have shared. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post Sarah!

  3. Love that you are finding math in your daily stay-at-home life! Love seeing your little ones grow. It must be so special to be home with them! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

    Jamie aka MissMathDork!