Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Math is Real Life - April 2014 Edition

 I am happy to once again join up with the fabulous linky hosted by Miss Math Dork, 4mulafun, The Teacher Studio, and Teaching to Inspire in 5th! 

Here we are, the first week of April and we are very happy to welcome our newest little "addition" to our family. My post this month will be short and sweet as newborns have this way of taking over your a good way!

I know, as a math teacher, we are always trying to convince our students that numbers are everywhere. Well here's proof  about how true that really is, in fact numbers become part of your life from the moment you are born!

Without further delay...

Introducing...our baby boy Evan!

Now, let's get down to the numbers...

Date of birth: March 24, 2014
Time of birth: 4:57 a.m.

Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 12 oz
Length at birth: 22 inches

Some other numbers that will stick with me (not necessarily for good reasons)...

Length of labour: Roughly 8 hours, with 3 hours of pushing!!
Contractions:  3 minutes apart from the time they started to delivery.
There are a few other number details I could go into but I don't want to over-share! The results of childbirth are beautiful, but the actual act of childbirth...not so much!

Now that Evan has joined our family, I am definitely outnumbered.
Ratio of boys to girls in our house: 3:1 (4:1 if you count the cat!).
So of course everyone's first question is, "Are you going for a third?"

Well, I am off to nap, as my regular 8 hours of sleep per night, no longer exists...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new bundle of JOY!

    You could also add lots of costs to your list of numbers such as the hospital cost or the cost of all the diapers you will need to buy (I show my students how I always calculate the cost of each package of diapers by finding the cost per diaper).

    1. Cost associated with having a baby would be an awesome activity and very informative! Great idea! Having a 2nd boy definitely cuts down on costs, as we already have all the clothes and toys! Plus I am trying to save a little more by using cloth diapers!

  2. Congratulations, Kim! And I love your math much that I've nominated your for a Liebster Award over on my teacher blog. :)

    Mrs. Tilmon Says…

    1. Thanks so much Lisa, I am honoured!

  3. Mazel Tov! He is beautiful. Wishing you all lots of love and laughter.

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  5. Sorry about above - I had a typo and ended up deleting the whole thing (embarrassed!) Anyway, CONGRATS! My first 2 were also boys, then baby 3 was a girl! Give both of your little ones big kisses! (Wish I could smell that baby smell!!!)

    1. Thanks so much! I have two older brothers, so I was #3...and a girl! As of right now, I have no desire to have another...but time will tell ;)