Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Teacher Appreciation Sale

When I tell people I teach middle school, people usually look at me like I'm just plain crazy.

Sure,it's a challenging age group, but I wouldn't want to teach any other age. I love interacting with teenagers, probably cause I feel like I still have the mentality of a teenager most days! I love that they get my sarcasm and sense of humour (well, most of them do)! Sure,my days are filled with drama, but that just makes for interesting stories to share when I get home...never a dull moment in the life of middle school students.

Do I come home at the end of the day exhausted? YES! Do I feel like all my hard work is worth it? Not always! Do my students thank me for all that I do? Ummmmmmmmmm, NO! Do I feel like I am making a difference? I can only hope so!

So why do I do it? Because I love it. I love my students (most of the time) and I want all of them to succeed!

Now that I have been teaching almost 10 years. I have seen the effects of my hard work. I have actually had some students come back and thank me and parents stay in touch with me.

If you are a new teacher, stay positive! You may not see the effects of all your hard work today, but you are making a difference, even if your students don't realize it for another 10 years!

You are appreciated! YOU ROCK!

With that being said.....

It's time for another site wide sale on Teacher Pay Teachers to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Check out this list of SUPER SECONDARY teachers for some awesome products, on sale May 6 - 7! Many of these teacher authors create materials for grades 5 and up, so if you are a middle school teacher you are bound to find some spectacular activities to use in your own classroom!

Happy Shopping!


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