Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bright Idea #3 - Number Chips

I am excited to be teaming up with an amazing group of teacher bloggers, once again, to bring you the "Bright Ideas Link Up". This link up was created to bring you practical classroom ideas from a variety of teachers, from different grades and subject areas. I hope you find some great ideas that you can easily implement in your own classroom. 


In previous posts, I have talked about filling your classroom with math visuals and manipulatives for little, to no money. This month I thought I would share another idea I use in the classroom with you - using number chips. I hope you find it useful!

To make a set of number chips , get your hands on some bingo chips. (your local dollar store will likely have some). Using a permanent marker, label sets of 10 chips with the digits 0 - 9.

To use the number chips, provide each student with a set of 10 chips, and have them manipulate the chips to create different numbers based on concepts being taught.

Here is an example of some questions I give my students to answer using the number chips.

         For easy storage, I keep each set of number chips in an old film canister. I get the canisters from my local photo-lab for Free, as they just throw them away. I was very surprised at how many people still use film, as they gave me a whole shopping bag full!

I hope number chips are something you can use in your classroom!

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  1. I can't believe those film canisters still exist! What a handy idea, thanks for sharing!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I love this idea. Cheap, easy, fun, and effective. And I still have many film canisters saved! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have plenty of film canisters too....didn't think about the chips fitting in them.

    Terri Izatt